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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  July 18, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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spending more of your money uncle sam is always lurking in the bushes. >> that is all the time we have tonight. thank you for being with us. we will see you back here on monday night. have a great night. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. oo hasn't live and >> live and at large and before you go to bed. >> how did you get here? where are you right now? >> you are in the middle of the workshop right now. this is your first lesslesson. >> is someone stealing your dream? tonight inside leo's biggest opening ever. >> sexy, charming but looking to even the score. >> this isn't over. it's a step in the healing
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process but it's not over. >> tonight. >> karen andrews is about to make the stalker's enablers pay. plus, have y can you hear me no? how about now? >> we are a band of people working our ass off to try to customs. >> is the new iphone a 21st century ethel? clayton morris explains. >> you have a bad reputation. >> he wasnwasn't... >> you are (bleep) embarrassing me. if you get raped a pack of (bleep) it will be your fault. all right? you provoked it. you are provocatively dressed all of the time with your fake boobs. >> tonight an at large world exclusive. in her first television interview ever mad mel's alleged mistress joins me live. >> i don't trust you. i don't love you.
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i don't want you. okay? stay in the (bleep) house. i am not giving it to you but i will let you stay there. okay? i will take care of my child. >> that's a man in need of a chill pill everybody. i am geraldo rivera. as if mel gibson needs any more problems this is 26-year-old violet cabal who says she is not a porn star he's a fitness model and for three months last year 2009 violet claims to have experienced mel gibb on's rage and feared for her own life during her own torrid tumultuous secret affair. rye let thank you to the program. >> hi geraldo. how are you? >> am fine. >> how did you hook up with mel gibson? >> hi. i met first time in 2007. september, 2007.
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i was introduced to him by my friend. we had coffee for the first time. after that we didn't see each other until july of last year. last time when i saw him it was after thanksgiving last year. >> what did the relationship consist of, were you for give me a booty call? did he call you late at night to come over? he was in ok santa for s -- ok some of that period, right? >> when i first met him he announced you probably hear i am divorced. after that he never, never spoke about ak oksana. i thought they are not together
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they are just having a baby but they are not couple any more. so when he was calling me and we were seeing each other, i thought this we are just friends and we have intimate relationship. >> you had an intimate relationship. did you as i gave the headline experience his temper, his rage at all, violet? did you personally see the dark side of mel gibson? >> you know, he never was -- he never hit me, but after the media found out about our relationship he got verbally abusive. he called me up screaming at me and threatening. he said even that he would make me suffer. >> how did you construe that? what did you take that to mean violet he would make you suffer?
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>> i was just so scared and afraid of him. he called me screaming at me telling me i would suffer. that was a huge emotional experience for me. i was breaking down crying and i was really close to go to the police. after that i just went hiding for a few weeks. >> let me ask you an important legal question. what proof do you have that you had this relationship with mel gibson? >> i have a phone record. i have phone calls coming from his house and his cell phone. >> did you like oksana ever record mel having one of these diatribes? >> they, i never recorded mel when he called me and threatened me. >> my advice to you any star let
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seeking a relationship with a famous man losing a temper is don't forget to leave the recorder on if he's threatening rye lens it is a conception to the two party concept rule to the government of california. was he a nice guy at all. there was something about him, violet, was there not? >> oh, yeah. in the beginning of the relationship, you know, he was -- everything was perfectly fine. he's funny, charming person. he appears to me like a caring and loving father. he loves talking about his children. >> did he ever talk about hating oksana? >> he never talked about her. he never mentioned her or the baby. it was like they no more in his life. >> you stand by. we will have more questions for you. ladies and gentlemen, even folks willing to cut mel gibson slack because he's a great actor
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following the sexist anti-sematic anti gay diatribe back in 2006, even supporters of this man has be have been shock the foul mouth racist violence the oscar winning actor has been hurling at his mainstream former girlfriend oksana goriava. thank you people. watch. >> you went to -- (bleep). >> i don't let you. >> i deserve to be (bleep) first >> at the mad at her because he didn't sleep with her? >> i wonder if alcohol had anything to do with that. >> maybe methamphetaminmethamph.
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>> he's fight ago bitter perhaps violent battle for the custody of an infant child. check out mel's rant. that was about not having sex. this is against oksana's breast em plants. >> tell me t >> let me get this straight.
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the guy has a child with her and he doesn't know hee has breast implants? this is a man who is not -- anyway. enough. any experti -- i have certain expertise in this region. he is lying. >> the mad tapes have been handed over to police. that case strengthened this week with the leas release of a phot it's real taken after the altercation after he allegedly knocked one of her teeth out chipped another one of her teeth and who do we have to thanks for the treasure trove of evidence radar on-line. dylan. welcome. congratulations on your scoop. you know the gibson camp and some competition are claiming that the photos are doctored.
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>> we can only go off on what her spokesperson told us on friday telling radar on-line it is a true and accurate photograph. her camp has lept to her defense this weekend suggesting reports to the contrary about that photograph right there as you cans see wi -- as you can see w teeth broken and the lip swollen saying reports to the contrary is in fact disturbing given she claims to be a battered woman. it isn't the only photo. there are morphology the january 6th incidents and those are in the hands of police and the courts. >> is this guy going to be arrested? >> this is a case of he said and she said. it takes the form of so many
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different law enforcement arms. we have the custody battle over their daughter loucia. we understand the sheriff ace department is hoping to talk to mel gibson this week. they have spoken to his criminal attorney. it is well and truly the focus under the limelight of a number of law enforcement agencies at this po moment. >> we heard the allegations. on that we have an all star panel of lawyers two for the prosecution two for the defense. for the prosecution kimberly guilfoyle our own and robert sax two legendary defense attorneys. gloria is oo lawyer for the plaintiffs gloria allr gloria a first. shouldn't this guy if
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allegations are true be guilty or charged with misdemeanor domestic violence? >> i think there is certainly sufficient evidence, geraldo for the district attorney of la county to consider charging him with battery and also of course with child endangerment if in fact the facts support that. if oksana was holding the baby when mr. gibson struck her or if the baby was injured or even if the baby wasn't injured. >> we have more on mad mel. plus we are praying that the cap holds? did they trade a convicted man's murder for an oil deal? [ jet engine roaring ] hey!
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>> what do you think? >> i am hearing from my sources in los angeles here that the churches really are close to coming down the pike. maybe not eminently in the next week or two but they are likely to come.
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i take issue in what dylan said it's a he said she said case. this is a she said that there were injuries, she has tape recordings, she has photographs, she has dental reports there's more than he said she said here. this evidence is way more than 90 percent of the domestic violence cases filed in los angeles county. >> what are they waiting for? what are they waiting for? if everything she just said is accurate in new york city this guy would be locked up already. a woman is saying my husband hit me. he have photographs how he knock the out my teeth. shame on them. or is it the evidence isn't there or they don't have all of the evidence they are saying they have? >> having worked at the da's office as well with domestic violence cases i will tell you they are being careful. it's mel gibson they want to make sure they have a strong
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case against him. i think they do. i agree with rob b robin this i substantive and a lot of evidence. >> you don't wait weeks. >> they should have filed it already. they will file charges against him. domestic rye lens terrorist threats for perhaps making the death threats against her. wait and see. >> sounds like she has a good tale to tell, too. it's the world exclusive tv debut. do you have a question for violet, gloria? >> well, it sounds as though violet comes across as a very sincere person, as a person who appears to be telling the truth. who says she has a telephone records to support what she has to say. i think there were tories about violet and her allegations also before this big story broke about oksana which would lend
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credibility to her allegations that she made them before this other story broke. i would like to say another thing about the district attorney's office. i know steve cooley the elected district attorney of la county. he is a professional very careful and cautious and fair district attorney. he is not going to be rushed whether it's mel gibb on or anybody else. he is going to allow the investigation to be completed. he will hear the presentation made by gibson's attorney to the hair rif and he will consid con what mr. gibson has to say and he will make his decision. >> fair enough. dillon howard how will radar on-line defend that you have in po he goes tapes in a state where two partys are generally considered necessary for a recording? how did you get it? you don't have to give up your source. just broad strokes. >> you said yourself california might be a two-party state but in the event there is physical rye lens being threatened --
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violence being threatened any one has the right to record those conversations. i am not goi going to tell you e we got the tapes from but it is good old fashioned investigative torni journalism. they are in the possession of police and the court. mel's camp has them and oksana's camp has them. talking about the he said she said argument. one person stood up for him, whoop tee gold burg. >> she is a great person. hee bent over backwards -- the guy is not frank ensign. i think he's ki skit zoe or has bipolar condition. thank you all very much. i am going to talk with you violet as the med you comes. i am not in the business of picking lawyers but she is a good one as it goes that way.
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we have the live shot? the cap that continues to hold in bp's run away well. we are praying to god our long national pollution nightmare may be ending. this dirty story about bp is too much to bear. did they lobby to release a mass murderer to get a deal? [ air blowing ] [ clattering ] what did you say? no, no, no. [ speaking indistinctly ] [ blowing continues ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a symbol of confidence... ♪
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>> with all of the death and destruction they have already caused not to mention the devastation to the environment that will come in years bp is confirming the lobbied the government to et up libyan prisoners including the lockerbie bomber. it was what they had pending with the libyan government. before we get reaction of one of
10:24 pm
flight 103's 270 lost souls. >> evidence in the deep water horizons bill would suggest bp would put profits ahead of people. now the question would they put justice ahead of oil profits in the murder of 270 people in the lockerbie terrorist attack. mike baker is a former cia covert operations officer. tell me about the investigation. >> it was a horrendous attack. the investigation that followed was incredibly pain staking at times iranian syrian bflp elements involved and a lot of concern over who actually was responsible. at the end of the day the one person they got who was magrahi. >> he was sentenced to life in prison for bringing down pan-am flight 103 in 1988. he served 8 years before being released and given a hero's welcome in libya last year. >> now the question is was magrahi released because bp
10:25 pm
wanted a contract with the libyan authorities? >> bp was negotiating an oil exploration agreement with the libyans. at the same time this were a few government to government issues causing tension between the two including a prisoner agreement. they got it done to the tune of 900 million. >> after being diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer magrahi was delivered undirt release program. the doctor who gave the prognosis now says he could live up to 10 years. new york senator chuck schumer. >> once magarahi is released all of the oil embargoes are removed and the oil deal is finally approved. >> the man had 270 people's blood on his hand. i don't think those caught or in prison showed any compassion to
10:26 pm
those they blew out of the sky. they released him. >> janeane's daughter nicole was killed in the bombing. >> i did not believe for one minute the man was as sick as they pretended he was. it was the only way they could negotiate oil concessions. >> four ument entors from new york and new jersey asked secretary state and the ambassador to open an investigation into the case to fully investigate the disturbing reports. >> that y they felt with a kill got the british government to hold their noses and go ahead with this deal. >> release of him was an insult to all of those who died on the flight to their families everybody was involved in the investigations. >> we are going to talk to the survivor of one of the victims.
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>> from america's news headquarters i am marianne rafferty. the possible reopening of the well in the gulf this after an official revealed engineers may have found seepage on the ocean floor indicating a possible leak in the well. engineers may have to reopen the cap to relieve some of the pressure. bp successfully stopped the flow of oil on thursday. it since disagreed with the obama administration over what to do next. from india comes word of a massive train collision. dozens of people are said to have died it happened in the eastern region 125 miles from calcutta.
10:31 pm
a peeding express train careened into a stationary train. television images from the train shows rescuers climbing through the debris searching for res r survivors. i am marianne rafferty. now back to "geraldo at large." >> the irony is an agency accusing the tea party of wanting to push america to the past free civil rights era. that's exactly where the naacp is stuck in the past. >> the tea party mark williams did the dopey. write ago pretended letter to president lincoln. >> we coloreds have taken a vote and agree we don't cotton to the old emancipation thing. >> i don't know this man i don't know any republican does and i
10:32 pm
don't know of a republican who thinks like he does. he's a crack pot. >> the tea parties can announce crack pot. >> you said that mark represented the tea party. i don't think that's true. i would like to separate myself from some of his repugnant comments over the last couple days. he doesn't represent the tea party. he doesn't represent what i beliei belief is the tea party etohs. >> he got kicked out of the tea party national federation. here is is david web on face the nation. >> we in the last 24-hours have expelled tea party express and mark williams from the national tea party federation because of the letter that he wrote which he i guess may have considered satire which was clearly offensive. >> williams is on our show last night if you watched. he is not without charm but after that bone headed imaginary letter to president lincoln, he
10:33 pm
would have been a continuing distraction as the tea party movement continues the evolution toward political legitimacy. they did the right thinkinged the guy out and are upset about that. now i want to get back to the bp lockerbie scandal that is unfolding right now. first of all, craig, what about this convoluted argument. that's stef knee bernstein who's husband was lost in lockerbie. what about the convoluted argument they didn't urge negotiation for magrahi. >> even the libyan leaders son a-khaddafy said to the press when that release happened in 200 2009 it was obvious we were talking him magrahi. he's quoted in the press admitting -- >> that's adopt his own son who is probably in line to succeed him. >> stephanie you and your husband michael married 14 year
10:34 pm
twos children together. obviously sadly perished in that 747 riding home. when that story broke i guess it has been percolating for a while. do you believe it is our attitude toward bp and first of all let me welcome you. thank you for coming on. do you think it is our current attitude toward bp and the fact that we watched this horrifying oil spill that makes us more open-minded to looking behind and into the facts behind something as dramatic as this prisoner relief? >> i think that had something to do with it. i think what's really important is we look at how was this decision made? the roll of government one of the roles of government is to protect us as citizens which it clearly did not do in the gulf. 11 people were killed and the way of life of thousands of people has been changed forever. our government did not do the right thing in going to the map
10:35 pm
with the british government. this was known months before magrahi was released. as far as i am aware the obama administration did not go to the mad with the bri -- mat with thh on this. we have to ask how was this decision made? bp is a corporation. it's going to loobube -- lobby. it's up to governments to say some things are things we can't cues. this man was convicted in a legitimate court of murdering 270 people. he served 8 years. this is not something that can be negotiated. i think what really needs to be the focus of these hearings coming up the week after next is how was this decision made. how was this decision made by the government of great britain by the government of scotland. what did the u.s. government do or not do to see to it that the promise that the british made to us after magrahi's conviction which is that he would serve his
10:36 pm
entire sentence in scotland why was that promise out the window? >> we look forward to the hearing on the 29th. i assume as you have done before you will be testifying. thank you very much for being on tonight. now to the be barefoot band everybody. remember him? watch. >> the suspect in a capture engaged local police in a high speed chase by boat and waters leading to the (indiscernib(ind area. the suspect was taken into custody without incident. >> he may be on an electronic device. whether that happens or not i don't know. >> get him out on bail. they have 70 penalties pending. >> he is the poster boy for flight risk. i don't know what financial
10:37 pm
means he has. >> he is 19 years old. he stole one plane is he going to steal another plane? >> he is not violent. >> he has again like mark williams has a certain charm. 70 felonies. >> do you think he should get bail? >> i think the bail they set will he never be able to make. his family has modest means. colt ton harris moore is heading back the barefoot bandit heading back going home to the pacific northwest. before we get the low down the real low down on this meet a friend of the el luis i have 19-year-old former fugitive. jessica joins us from seattle washington. how long have you known him? >> we went to school in second
10:38 pm
grade when he dropped out freshman year. >> did you know him to be kind of a rouge? >> yeah, he started to get into trouble toward middle school and you started seeing less and less of him towards high school and he dropped out and never heard from him. >> just making disruptions during class. 7th grade and 6th grade he stole soda from the teacher's lounge and got in trouble for that. >> was he popular? >> small petty stuff. >> was he popular? >> not really. it wasn't like he had a lot of friends i guess. >> when you started hearing of his exploits i know he has the big facebook page did he come to have followers and fans? >> his fan club page was huge. he had tons of fans on there.
10:39 pm
>> why is it that you have not spoken much about this before? >> i don't really know. >> who do you think should play him in the movie? >> i don't really know who should play him in the movie, yeah. >> you can play yourself. >> thank you, jessica. >> coming up this lady, show her. she is mad. some big hotel chains are about to pay forgiving her stalker creep enough information and access to video her naked and smear it all over the internet. those hotels going down after this.
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10:43 pm
cop and broadcaster lincoln bane. welcome you first of all. how is bahamas reacting to the fact that he committed several crimes there yet we whisked him out of your island nation and your justice department never had a shot at him? >> persons have responded more now that he has been caught recently. they responded when he initially landed there. now as a political matter it was a big political matter the leader of opposition christie has denounced the government for the release the fa barefoot ban without any charges. also the leader of the opposition has also done the same thing. the government has responded back by saying they would justify -- justified in relea him. the public feels outraged. they are extremely angry this guy committed all of these crimes in the bahamas and there will be no justice for the
10:44 pm
persons who's businesses he broke into who's boats he sold and has been damaged. people are outraged. >> well said. >> mark, what about the obvious suspicion that this young man had help as he fled from one jurisdiction, one vehicle, one kind of mode of transportation to the other. >> i don't know that he had help geraldo. he was -- this kid had really, really good survival instincts. as much as his friend, he's got a friend up there with an equally fantastic name harley davidson iron wing who did crimes with him when they were younger. i think colt ton harris moore did this all on his own. >> what about mama? >> mama did everything she could to protect him. mama tried. i spoke to his mother pam a couple of days ago and she was really ticked off at me because i said on a radio show out of
10:45 pm
s seattle that his family was riddled with alcoholism. the fact is his father gordon moore has been arrested on i believe it's 25 violent alcohol related felonies. >> sounds riddled to me. >> yeah. his mother likes her beer and you know what? a kid who was raised in a single wide trailer in the woods on an island in washington you begin to understand how he became the boy who wanted to fly. >> lincoln i want to thank you. mark, i still think the movie is going to be big. the skill level in so nanny profession leaves a lot to be desired in this country. he was a highly skilled amateur criminal who didn't hurt anybody. >> he started in 7th grade. >> i am not suggesting this is a career path, ladies and gentlemen. i am merely saying if all criminals were nonviolent maybe we would have a more peaceful
10:46 pm
tranquil nation. >> it's a fascinating story everybody wants to make this movie. i am sure the actors are lining up. we need somebody like a jonas brother. >> he will be watching it from federal prison. >> federal prison. >> that's why he got taken from the bahamas. it was committing crimes in the state of washington they have no jurisdiction to get him in the bahamas. the feds do. >> intra state play. >> aside from her massive lawsuit against michael david barrett the creeper who followed aaron andrews around the country staying in hotels around her making peepholes the star of espn and dancing with the stars aaron andrews filed a massive lawsuit against 7 o hotels for negligence and invasion of privacy alleging they gave out her room number to this creepy guy essentially aiding and abetting her sick scheme. they are going down heavy.
10:47 pm
>> i think hefz right on this one. if it was a regular person i would ahe's my buddy i wanted a room next to him. if you know it's a public persona and you give anybody their information and give a room righted next door that's out of order. >> they are going to settle. they don't want the bad press. it's per shaysive grossly negligent on their part. she is got a great case. she is not whining about it. it's legitimate. they should learn a lesson from it. >> is it a duty of a hotel to screen calls and with hold that information? i don't know if that is their job. >> did they have a duty, a reasonable standard. if somebody comes in and says i wanted room next to geraldo, rivera. okay geraldo is a public person. >> hi this is geraldo's producer he got ahead of me can you put us next to each other? >> i guess it's a close call. i think kimberly is right i
10:48 pm
think they want them out of the media. >> how about the woman to with stand the assault and go dancing and elizabeth hasselbeck attacks her. >> i am not going to attack her. i like her dancing. i enjoyed it. i think she has a great life. she is talented>> i think it's real street justice. people downloading the video of her naked are getting viruses on their computer. it's a fake web site. >> how did you know that? >> because i did the research before i went on the show. >> we have our colleague clayton moore he has more on the i phone tour. how about leo's movie. >> you can have a bad dream. >> smart film about hijacking one else's dream. leo's biggest opening ever twice as big as titanic.
10:49 pm
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aflac, aflac, aflac... aflac, aflac, aflac
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>> so many young men making it the surprise hit of the summer. you saw this movie, right? >> i did, it was phenomenal. >> why did you like it? >> it was complex and extremely intelligent. it was multi facetted scintillating films for i have seen in years. >> get a jacket on. >> morris co host of the super
10:53 pm
successful red hot weekend edition of fox and friends. you saw the movie also -- >> i saw it on thursday. i am a huge batman dark knight man. >> why is that? i am stealing dreams but i don't get the hook. >> the hook is that -- first of all christopher nolan the director spent ten years working on this thing. he was obsessed with dreams since he was 16 years old. he has been working on this sing since he was a kid. this idea you can go inside some of these dreams and there's science behind it yogis studied this thing. harvard researchers looked at this thing. you can tell yourself what kind of dreams you want to have it works you can have the types of dreams you think you can have. >> i am going to have a rum and coke and began what i was doing before i fell asleep. the special effects look enationnal. >> there are certain scenes in this movie. 7 of us went and we said how did
10:54 pm
a human being make this film? how were there human beings that created this. anti gravity scenes. >> why the appeal to the young men the hardest demo to reach. it's not like a violent movie. it's not like that man or the other films the epics you suggest. or is it? >> i think it's the psychological thriller. christopher nolan's director the se . i grew up with ramrambo. we don't want that crap any more. >> sly is a friend of mine. >> it's good stuff but we want the thinking man's aion now. >> peeking of thinking men i wonder if sly could work an iphone. i can't. here is is steve jobs. >> you can touch your phone, grip your phone in a certain way the bars go way down. that doesn't seem like a good
10:55 pm
thing. it turns out it is not unique to the iphone 4. we are not perfect. that was the first thing on my first slide. we are a band of people working our ass's off to surprise our customers. we wave any restocking fees anything full refund. >> i don't know much about that business but that seemed like an honest forthright dealing with the problem. how are people who use the technology feeling? i know you are an expert at it. how bad is the problem? >> the problem is not that bad. >> i think it's out of his hands. >> here is the problem geraldo. i think the story has been way over blown. 3 million people purchase this phone. you can't get a phone right now. there's a 3 week delay to get the phone. still tonight there's a 3 week delay to get the phone. the problem with this antenna. we are going to put the antenna on the outside. >> this silvery thing is the antenna. >> where else is your hand going
10:56 pm
to go? >> when your hand bridges the gap between this part of the antenna you will see the signal drop and see the bars go down. every phone has this issue. when you are holding a phone your body is full of water. it's a natural conductor. your body naturally aten waits the signal drops signal strength. if you are in an area where there's a crapy signal you are going to have a problem and you might drop the call. >> when apple top drop friday was that a function of the market bottom falling out. did the smart people know this is not a serious problem or is the financial community briefly voting against it? >> before the press conference it dropped a number of points. then it went up about five points result of the press conference. we did an on-line poll we were on the air with a bunch of tech nerds. overwhelmingly the polls came back 65 percent of people saying they felt the response from apple was sufficient. we are going to give you a free case.
10:57 pm
it's not that big of a deal. >> are you a tech nerd? >> i am a tech nerd. >> thank you tore coming on. continued success. that's it for us. until next time. thank you very much for watching. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. gecko: yeah... fastest growing for the past 5 years! obviously people love saving money. woman: welcome to the conference. here's your nametag, sir... annnd for you. gecko: uh... no i'll be ok, thanks. woman: but how will people know who you are?
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